Love- A Fairytale

With my good friend


right by my side

and a travellers bag on my back.

My search begins for the fair maiden


living on the other side of the woods


in an old rundown shack.

As my trek begins


is the first demon that gets in my way.

And, yes, poor Uncertainty

is the first demon I slay.

Lust, therefore, is the forest

my sword cuts its way through.

And Insecurity

(which is the second demon I meet)

my blade cuts swiftly in two.

Then comes The Bridge Of Paranoia

which I run defiantly across.

And there stands Jealousy

the one I hoped I would never cross.

With the devilish Self Doubt behind him

standing firm with a truth in his eyes.

So much so

I quickly tell my self

to disbelieve his lies.

And then with a yell, he runs at me

charging with all his might.

I move

put out my foot

and over the bridge he takes flight.

With one hand

I take Self doubt down.

His severed head looks up at me

with a strangely familiar frown.

And there before me

in the distance

I see the shack.

‘I have come this far’

I say to hope

‘there is no turning back.’

Stepping up to the door

I knock on it and see

as the door opens

Loves great beauty

shining upon me.

And at a well spread table

she sits

in all her majestic glory.

She beckons me to start

the feast

and I begin to recount my story

Of how I destroyed uncertainty

and made my way through lust

of how I got rid of insecurity

(as I realised that I must)

of how crossed over paranoia

and killed jealousy stone cold dead

and all this

I tell her I did

for her fair hand to wed.

And after I have eaten

Love’s hearty meal

I begin to turn


a little


this I know I shouldn’t feel.

Then as I dropped to the floor

in agonising pain

I realised that love

had poisoned me

but for this

what did she have to gain?

As the room began to darken

a light fell upon me once more

and I turned to see through teary eyes

my friend


walking away

through the door.


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