The D

I sent your story to the press
It said you were lonely
So lonely
Lonely but not alone; surrounded
By the crowds
Cuttings stuck to signs
In the near future saying you were alone
But not lonely
These words said you were lonely
These pictures said you were alone
Then the crowds dispersed because they were confused
So confused
You were dressed at the ball
In drag
It’s such a drag
Dragged up
And dragged down
Paint your face
Although you’re not one of those
Just a pretty place whose had enough?
Feeling lost
Feeling sore
Lost a rib?
Because it was bruised
There was no dancing
Nor food no more
And the music stopped when you came in
Because others couldn’t see what I see
Even you’re blind to who you could be
And probably will
But I won’t be there to hold
The mirror up when you go out that
one and one
use to make two
now you’re
just maybe
just maybe


4 Responses to “The D”

  1. Loneliness is my friend.

  2. malartart Says:

    good man…

  3. Really gets you thinkin’ – great poetry

  4. malartart Says:

    Thank you

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