The Negative Motion of the Moon

‘A moon in these troubled waters
My sun never caught its side
“I washed upon you”
There I said it
For only in books can words hide.’

Your eyes made my
Then fly,
west, skimming
on the surface
of what is wrong
and right
and what is here
and what has gone.
The captain faked being an admiral and screamed
Loose lips,
sink ships;
swap a bombed harbour
for laboured love,
as this
moment is folding in
on its self
as it falls through the earth
then round like a satellite
devoted to what, if anything,
is below.

time rolls forward
if only they were young
but I see the night moon rising
when the ancient pray to
a morning sun.”

And there
I said it,
I felt it,
the lyrics of a song of no music
in the last few beats of heart
wishing it was
who was younger.
Should have cut my weak blood line
so we could keep moving
and now
I’m beneath the frozen world
With blood and used tampons
for finger nails.
I inhale to exhale
and I feel your loss,
is less,
Because you care for no one,
those you have faltered with,
and me
who is drowning in
I cannot breath
for you have used
yourself for an experiment
that didn’t gain points
with your family.
But now you are losing
as the winner
And you’ve won a loser
The anger has serenity,
it fills the void
of nothingness.
Playing as sweet a tune
that can’t be danced to.
To click your fingers
to the rhythm of a heartbeat,
that slows as voices rise
until you are forever sleep
up in the clouds
of steamed ice
like furry hope
Rough enough to bite
but too light to touch
enjoy it whilst you’re there
on the transient island
For you must check in
against your will
as a sharp flight down
and the bumpy landing that follows
The heart is longing
But the pride is weary
Taken too much
Maybe not enough
All is lost
But not forgiven

Do not worry,
the day is behind us
for the wrong has turned
to night
And the anger that has ridden
on the back of us all
has finally come to light.
Be truthful
not honest
Love life
but fear death
Feel the sun is coming
but embrace the darkness
because of
the negative motion of the moon
its sometime easy to forget.


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