They thought of her as nothing but an hourglass

Where time was spent

And the past forgotten

The future unimportant

And the present rich

With possibilities

For the moment.

They thought of her

As nothing

But an hourglass

Shaped for them

Curvy and ready

To produce

Their offspring

So they could breed immortality.

They thought of her

As nothing but an hourglass

Clear and with clarity

But in the right light

All they saw

Was their own reflection

Or right through her

To an alternative future.

Amongst them she

Felt like an outcast

Bulky yet delicate

And all though

They could not see;

Ready to be shattered

As she thought of her self as nothing but an hourglass


4 Responses to “Hourglass”

  1. Interesting! You’ve taken the same idea and applied it to a much longer poem. Excellent work, the form is beautifully done. If you follow this link and scroll down a short ways, you’ll see in blue the much shorter hourglass poem I wrote earlier today…
    I showed it immediately to the woman who inspired it. She was older, perhaps 45 or 50… but still quite lovely and healthy. She blushed and tucked the poem away. I wonder if she’ll be hiding it from her husband, or showing it to him? Perhaps it will inspire him to make love to her the way he used to.
    Enough rambling.
    What I’m trying to say, in a roundabout way, is that I love your writing! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Very nicely written. I’ll readily say that I’m impressed by your use of imagery. Keep going!

  3. malartart Says:

    Thank you very much, Christian. Hope you keep coming back to read more.


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