Just because you’ve gone

It doesn’t mean you went away

Where you taught me lessons

The needle still stings

(schools out)

Just because I left my home

It doesn’t mean I know where I’ve been

Where you heard drums

I heard violins

(Ceiling’s  too low- all hell’s broke loose)


You confused similarity for comfort

Ego for hubris

Just because I don’t miss you

 It doesn’t mean I don’t know where you’ll be


Just because I know my own mind

It doesn’t mean I want to keep it

Just because they know how I feel

It doesn’t mean they’ll weep for me


I confused confusion for tension

And just because I was wrong

It doesn’t mean that’s the way

The history books will record this


You ask me was it worth it

I say ‘yes’


Just because… because…

…and that’s good enough for me


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