tilted towards not titled twenty three

perfumed and limp//

hacking cough set me back–



//let me know what i’m missing out on

i’m not going out with you //

packing in cigarettes from–



//up in the air tied back hair

up in a bunch dyed black//

setting is a frame not –



// wind blows a thread

you can’t see through//


//surely i need to breathe it in again//

//retainer for the man at the top of the stairs//

takes a neat tight—



//blow back

stained black//


//hands need to be clean for the interview//


//i’m over grown by nature//

immature by choice//

calling home can’t hear without a—



//morning rises

with trumped up charges//


//cut down and cut loose //

//remind me never to kill again

even if it’s only the party’s spirits//


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