Super-She and The Image Eternally Outside of the Right Eye’s Reach

Cruella scratches out a name for herself

Then draws a line in the park

When time dictates

Swallows Green Poison

Shaken upon meteorite noodles

Mega Super Cool Girl Ghoul

Wants to hail a cab in the dead of it all

Hallucinating there’s a reason to escape a fight

But no one’s around

Yet that means nothing to our girl

As she haunts these grounds

The villain of the piece

With no reason to live

So bandaged hand points to the entrance

Winged arm flaps like negativity is just a game

Domino covers frown

She grabs a tourist map

To show those who burned outside Heaven’s Gate

Were born to raise hell

And even if the tunes aren’t loud enough

And the night torch is too bright

By anyone’s standards

And my secrets aren’t of interest


Nothing else matters

The hollow and shallow

Within the backroom seem to shout


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