Knee-jerk random acts bear fruit if explained posthumously

Delicately rising like pat a cake pat a cake pat a cake

These tired old Blakean eyes aren’t interested in apologies

Or progress

Tedious man of letters exposes himself on the train track

I guess he had been let down at sometime

Or other

All this weaved then worn

        All this to be taken with a pinch of salt

               All this saved for a rainy day

                     All this to be taken down as gospel

                           Attitude is unrepentant

                                   Atmosphere is nowhere

Lost under bundles of yesterday’s headlines

Twigs snap and all of a sudden

Everything is understood

Everywhere by everyone

At all times


Whatever You Just Said (I’m Sorry) But I Disagree

Nothing is correct

Nothing is polite

My jaw is locked in fascination

At the nihilist who wants to save the world

Ugly people seeing the beauty in everything

The bitter and sweet tastes of raw meat

As E. tells me it will drop away

Thinking of us makes me crave Sugar

The colours fade to one-I cannot explain it- WHAT IS IT?

How do we make blue?

The colour of floating

Balloons… boats… buoys… billiards and bellhops

Turning it over or giving it away

Or handing it to the man

Are all based on sliced off skin

Instead of the fleshed out rest




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