Not Breathing But Bathing In Oceans of Oxygen

people people we are one down/ we are now ‘Ultra Violet’ light/ we are running on fumes/ we are as toxic as the air we breathe/ we will never master how much to take in/ how much to leave alone/ we are no better than yesteryear (worse off, if you ask me) / how much can we bear/ as we are taken out one-by-one/ stripped down the ladder of 23/ until we’re swimming in concrete/ hardened through years of misuse / cut into pieces/ to make sure we all get our (un)fair share/ people people heed the warning well/ as of today we’re truly out to sea/ not breathing but bathing/ waving not swimming/ screaming not saying/ at a shoreline broken in two


3 Responses to “Not Breathing But Bathing In Oceans of Oxygen”

  1. The truth behind a glimpse at how we destroy ourselves is absolutely shaking. Very powerful message and such compelling style.

  2. Very much profound!
    Downright epic! ♥
    Loved the twist of words, too. 🙂

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