nil desperandum ( Thieves In Transit)

One timer

Two timer

All alone

Where’s she gone?

Where’s she gone?

Passport in a satchel

No need for luggage

To struggle with

I won’t be long

I won’t be long

Leaving at 3 a.m.

Papers say I have metal in my head

So the virus will never penetrate


Don’t know where it’s from

Don’t know where it’s from

Hats off to you sir

And a curtsey to m’lady

I’ll imbibe, ingest

Then speculate

Whether I should take the next step down

Or just let what settles in my stomach

Do its job on me


4 Responses to “nil desperandum ( Thieves In Transit)”

  1. Really like use of space. and how each line is complete but part. Use of repetition/refrain very expressive and effective. Lovely rhythm – I really go for rhythm!

    • malartart Says:

      Thanks, it’s kind of you to comment.

      Congratulations on your blog. I found it enlightening, informative and eclectic.


  2. I really enjoyed the fact that it was so visually poetic. I love poems like this. Thanks for the follow, right back at you! 🙂 Jamy

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