Rewind the Reboot + A 1,000,000


                           ‘Now I’m not in continuity

My education doesn’t match up

                       With whom I always wanted to be

                                         My breakfast repeats repeats repeats on me

So much so my stomach thinks its supper-time’

                                          the male gaze looks back at me

it can be as lazy as it wants to be

                                              take out the staples and read the images

  with paper cut fingertips

                                           and leave an inky smudge mix

from restrooms and amphitheatres


                        my Hungarian hubby can’t work the VCR

    I use the remote control to take him back

                                                                           a notch

                   disgorge molten steel as

he hits on the waitress who begs for change

                               and then there’s the sorcerer supreme

       he’s as strange as he wants to be

                       —THEY SAY A CHANGE IS GOOD AS A REST,

                                         SO THANK GOD I FEEL A CRISIS A’ COMING


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