Don’t be Linda’s Lover/ Truce On the Route

     Not a scrawled note

                      But a song for you, A song for you

    A song I’d sing for you

                     To you

Don’t get bent out of shape

      Try be calm like a pebble on a grave

I have some masking tape, Two cans of soda

And something sharp, To cut breathing holes in the mask you’ve

                        Decided to wear, Today

      I’ll pay the guy at the desk

                 And we’ll be out of here

Bring your brown hemp home, Fold it up and put it in the back

                 I promise, My ode to you

   Wishing on that lucky star, I’ll write a sonnet about

            How we met

 As long as you don’t scream so much, Hey, Rewind the scenario

If you’d seen me before I followed you

                               Would you have fallen for me?

And now I’ll never be alone, Now that you’re tied up from your head to your toes

Next door

            Small band

Big sound

        The outside world will only hear


         So let’s sit here together in



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