music                    +                         worms

dirt under nails, comin’ out of the grave

you say youre not unique and nothings original

but youre Xeroxing the damage

                your creepy crawlies did to you

and now theres flies on the dashboard

                  and eggs on the dance floor

what is at stake when youre not even trying

any                     more                         than

               the                           bare                   minimum


and youll be an idiot

           whose afraid of choking on


so throw waste not out, not out

               but into the deep fat fryer


5 Responses to “wormfood-a-go-go”

  1. a fantastic piece, so damned happy I found you on here. Incidentally, how do you work this godforsaken site to allow for all these spaces and indents in your writing? Mine won’t let me do squat. 🙂

    • malartart Says:

      Thank you, your comments flatter me.
      Ah, now with the formatting I struggled at first because it seemingly wont let you do it, so…. first I write in microsoft word then cut and paste it into new post.

      Then before publishing i press ‘centre align button’ so the whole poem goes to the middle , then click the ‘align text to left button’ so it all goes back to the original way i wrote it (gaps, indentions and all) THEN publish it and for some strange reason it works! Hope this helps.

      Thank for stopping by, enjoying your site too.


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