LOZENGE- Wearing Out the Casting Couch- (CMGRRL4animanimals)

Lozenge bought the farm. In a big way she made waves

her farm was filled with onlookers, voyeurs and other such lost creatures

she bought it in a big way

but hadn’t brought it 1’s self

as she said goodbye and was off the scene

(as much as anyone had been in recent years). Her sisters said in faux brethren unison

that they  thought they always would have another day to make amends

and clear the air

and bury the hatchet

and yet Lozenge knew all they wanted was another 24 hours to settle

scores. The time had ticked and she was off the clock. Scores as resentments, swallowing poison to kill another, made concrete and

to score, maybe, to score

dolPH11N: look in the corner at the time- 11.11- I have to get up(?) and go to work but I can’t stop looking at you-

rdio light in background, not a song I’d pick but it does (all) the job(s)

The tide is changing- it must have been those waves- and Lozenge was right

kay-LANG141…back in the open cage…pleased to meet you —don’t you know my name?-

about the time. Tick times x 90: look at the time in the corner.

bak2front: Clear your throat and give a damn to me-Take the syrup, gargle but don’t spit-

Three years and eleven months ago she was wi-fied up and ready to stay

hitting it hard. Now clean and rested

-slow infers the boring, the banal, the uninspired; but this is a lie. My movements are deliberate yet bring excitement to those who watch.  They require patience from the viewer but they are justly rewarded-

-if I had rolled out the womb 100yrs earlier I would have been doing the canFKNcan for a profession.

-modernism isn’t new-

– I have been slain by this follower’s genitals.  Luckily I wasn’t in the room at the time-

(remember byatches this is My Casting Couch)

I lay here untouched by society, yet wanting to be penetrated by the whims and wishes of strangers. I can hear planes overhead, roaring loud as if victorious that they have flown the coup, got away, escaped a life on tarmac; I hope for at least one to crash through the roof- it’s what pipsssqueak72 would’ve wanted.  And what I what you all deserve.

@ Parnassus Ave. San Fran, I live like a queen, look like a million, and feed dog food to monkeys…

I am Cowgirl in reverse

I forgive you all… the monitor is dimming… the laptop’s battery is out… g00d6ye…walllRat9

GDbye—Ttittybar-one- goodbye u cowardly fuckin’ lion u

Time to hang around the apartment

The farm has been bought


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