Madre de Dios vs the Mother of God

            he holds the man’s neck and asks “do you feel in control?”

  Waltzing with a spinning top

     Do you know what it’s like to be un—


It’s like a slip of a tongue twister

      A water boat writhing around on the surf

Wet brain with bone dry thoughts

Swinging from the wicked web you weave

      What is this affliction I have bought

Where the receipt has been torn up—


[Question: has what you have placed at the table, with legs comfortable under wood, able to sit for an hour and a half without moving?]

Sustainment will be containment

                                    Getting there is key

When you come from afar to praise your beliefs

                                             No fear will cling to me

              or you or what you call family

               A Witch from the West learning Eastern Philosophy

                Can only be good for the herd that grumbles together

                   But remains divided forever


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