Versus- Vs- V the Verses (Let It Flow, Go On Let it Flow I Dare You) 2020  

“To the Universe thank you for letting me live after the fall of the Moon’s collapse, allowing my particles to recollect that to vibrate is to be….”

“If you’re not adding to the flow

             Leave through the backdoor


We were here before you; it’s a mashed crash in a flash

Bumper to bumper on the windscreen they left a number

Paid in automatic machine ‘Cash’

Can’t understood why I’m still being flagellated

When my ‘likes’ should be going up

And then I could be number ( no.1, one ) rated

Pull down my pants to show I maybe on the ropes but I’m not out

Deader and redder than a steamrolled beaver

Calling my broker, so picking up the receiver

But even he’s broker than a butcher without a cleaver

Take the bottle and let it roll

It’s as empty as an alcoholic’s soul

Hotter but shitier than wax on a thorn

Blanker than Selina’s clean slate

A tux and bow tie without a date

Make it roll

See it flow

–Mike drop, mike drop, mike drop—

Over but never, ever

Out of my mind


“… to understand knowledge and information and wisdom is gathering dust on the chest of my own personal God-head and when I want to transcend this (im)mortal coil, all I have to do is make  she/him cough…”

If this is post post post post post modernity- where are we?


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