‘h’ for hAPPY

Harmonious disconnect with this très (un)reality

Heavy medicine is weighing down on me

Help the three blind mice how to see

Hope(ful) not hate(ful) is the only way to be

Handy leaflets given out to our society

Here’s to heresies that become healing ways of being

Can we forget about the last generation’s arguing?

Kept everyone up all night until the other side calmed down

Don’t think we’ll be invited back this year

Should have taken it out of the car park and waited for a better time

and you say you’re glad you

got it off your chest but

for fuck sake it’s been more

than a decade so it’s time to give it a rest

ça va?- gone

ça va?- gone

ça va?- gone

ça va?- gone

I am outta here so I can turn right round and be back before you have time to utter expletives under your breathe


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