A Drone On The Range

Hy evRy 1 –TY! 4 shrNG…

           took the wind right outta me AND …BLEW into my girl-guy’s sails

drinking with the lights on RED AMBER GREEN

     not one fuck seems to be given

          taketh two to tango so let’s use that church hall for practice

flicking through my copy of ‘hopes and prospects’

              dog eared but not forlorn

*which pages did you decide to… TEAR UP?!?*

             *AND WHICH… did you book-mark for later inspection?!!*

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Over the last 12 months I recorded 30 Movies you should watch before you die but the comet’s gonna hit in under 24 hours, so… goodbye to the Empire of the Cat, the Occulture of the Dog & the Hamster Wheel they’re treated like Guinea Pigs in<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<


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