Without Electricity, Next Year Will Be No Better

‘He was frozen in the ground and not even his thoughts allowed for sound’

a chieftain’s left elbow dipped in luke-warm soup

white lines as lies torn from headlines

a dictator without a Dictaphone to report into

DELETE__DELETE__BACKWARD>>>SHIFT (stop to start again)

                     “I know in my heart of hearts that I’ll never be unloved

But it doesn’t stop me getting lonely off the drugs”

              This means nothing if the print is smudged

                              You can’t beat legit (unless it’s with a good fake)

Don’t mix your drinks, the toyboy says,

          decide to design yourself again from

Up to down town with shorts that show off ankles

       A quiver shivers when it hits the target, makes the others follow suit

                                                                           And rein so much harder

FILE__FILE__SAVE>>>BACKSHIFT—DELETE (stop to start again)

                                                   wiped out

Sensitive to the demands of the populace,

Bending out of shape to create a triangle to walk through

… at the knees, … to touch

I demand a recount, if that’s not asking for too much


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