mute8 (Earlier in the Week I was Someone Else)

the strange case of the heckled and shy

                      taken off the stage before they were allowed to die

           2 DD’s  lift them up like a cowboy- astronaut

I’ve (he’s?) set my sunday dial down

        even though the weekend now feels broken up

so, li’l urn, if you’re compelled to be compulsive

                             allow it to leave your hands in little flourishes

imagine breakfast with an epiphany or two

                   as if an amateur auteur delivering to the studio

the earlier in the week’s rushes (fingers crossed)

if God is only in the mind

   then at least he knows exactly where I am

so take me there, or here, or anywhere,

                or, dare I say, everywhere

                       depending on how busy you are in the next week

                                        or so

     (In memory of SS)


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