The Elite in Exile              

      Weep away before flood be dry

                           Follow suit where wiser feet were tied

Cockroaches try to rise up and be counted

                         Another winter, another feeling of being dismantled

2by2- two x two-  ‘neath the shelter of a story arc

            Which will explain in great detail what will happen to both you

                                   And me, don’t forget I’m here

                                                I am a protagonist; you have character

I have personality traits; you have quirky energy flowing through

                       You are tired as you have been here since chapter one

I am jealous of your friends as

                                 I’m only introduced when act three is begun

And now I’m on the edge of the soap bubble that you blew up for fun

         But at least I’m feeling cleaner than I have ever before


2 Responses to “The Elite in Exile              ”

  1. Refreshing style. Thanks visit my blog.

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