From Seconds to Centuries (In Just a Paragraph or Two)

Wotan was nixed but s/he ignored their ignorance

turned on, tuned in, dropping out

(s/he certainly felt like she left some/thing behind)

A question mark left like a ponderous scar

on her open right hand sleeve

                          ‘super-save’ us they yelped

as the floorboards gave up, gave out, allowing us to drop in

(we fell because to fall is to learn from those question marks)

Realising they were always going to ‘Be’

from the cellar


Fascists winning  the race using

                      the public’s popular tastes

as An Over- man and Under womb-man represents

(only happening if you acknowledge how long it took)

and now losers and the lost have been found, we- “the otherkin”-

can pick up tools and fight our way into the history books

by walking backwards (so no one notices) before our places are cemented


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