Ennui Porcupine and Those Gawd Darn Dash F’Cryn’ Out Loud Electrical Sultans of Luck

        + Phar-a-wer+ (does that mean ‘far away’ as in, like, another land?)

-E-—-E==Z=–A doozee- (up front, y’say?)

(plus)Add ons (plus)

        Nu apps


        -Take away-

zzz-Take naps-zzz

——-Un plug————

<<< Ugly mug>>>>>

))))Fugly hug((((((

If you touch his face before midnight

It’s more than just ‘I Like’  ‘I Lust’

‘I Need’  ‘I Must Have’





    Mandrake’s an asshole

Ivan’s stating them cases

    Crying in his soup:

Why don’t you just Believe What Your Friends Say’


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