Entering the Swap Shop

Dear Sir, Madam or To Whom It May Concern,

You have a life I want

Could you give it to me, please?

I’m sure it was I who was supposed to be



And have an expensive yacht

So give me your business, career & bank account details

Whether you believe me or not

In the mean time I promise to keep my life

Watered, fed and warm

Until you agree it is time to swap what is mine for what is yours

I haven’t got much

No mansion, Mercedes or model wife

But I can promise you

When we both become each other

You will start to lead a happier life

For I have friends & family who love me and

Never judge

No matter how foolish I can be

No matter who I tend to hurt

Its as if when it comes to my greatest faults

These are things they just don’t see

They care for me, accept me, seemingly cherish me

No matter what I do


Actually… wait… hold it

On second thoughts

You keep all that is yours and I’ll keep all that is mine too


2 Responses to “Entering the Swap Shop”

  1. this is just great!

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