Bear Trap

Justice for J-pegs

             Downloading and out in Beverly’s Hell

As a memory sticks in the craw

         Now we know what happened upon the Grimpen Mire

Destroy the ego, insult the id, pull the nose of your superego

                                                   And (re)invent the luminous Hound

           Untethered from the rugby scrum’s grasp

Sign over the reality cheque

                Untwist your damaged lip

                        And watch the narrative unfold

                                                     Hey, use fumetti if you wish!

         (as a photo montage supposedly never gives you bad breath)

My memoir may burn in the heath but @ least illegal music still saves lives

… because of heresy and hearsay…

                           And what Doyle’s crooked man eventually did

Disguising himself as a victim of circumstance

           To escape being taken in ‘the Rapture’


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