Piece by Piecemeal (draft x draft)

A silver lining with a cloud beneath

Renting a face just to get the teeth

                          ‘Just Not Yet, Just Not Yet’

Oh yeah mein herr they do show great promise

It seems

To me

Does it not

To you?

That bastard noise

will not succeed

It will not suck you in

and spit you out

It will not wash away

the will to continue on

Or magnify sins you wish

had already been forgiven

And they won’t win

even if you just give in

                      ‘Time Is Telling Me, Time Is Telling Me’

To pluck out my eyes

and make the ears bleed

With lusty irony our synergy

keeps us apart by leading us

over the rainbow and leaving us

under the influence of drugs

and the waves of the sea

We are now who we always wanted

(and should’ve fought) to be

With an 8-track gonna make a demo

Holding the royal flush to my chest

Whilst in m’pocket I have ammo


                         ‘Just Not Yet, Just Not Yet’

Is the best title I could come up with

Is the only one with relevance to the way I live

                         ‘These Days, These Days’

Would show a complexity

I just can’t deal with yet

So I won’t use it, instead I’ll file it away

and try and fit it into a future piece

I hope (good god, I hope) to write


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