The Ukok Princess

………sensitive to the touch, unfeeling much…?

A finger print identified out of a million mosquitos

And you tattooed your prey on the wall, so it deliberately felt like

………well…I’m sure you’d rather tell me than the other way around…..

Take my sweetheart out, not on a date, but a wing and prayer

As nausea becomes viral and the whole street starts to feel scared

I know I knew you from the first day I was born

Between both of you I was continuously being torn

One side family, the other a uniform…………………..

   ………………….All I know is

     My grenade is lighter than yours

With as many bullets as I demand

                Will the window of opportunity fall in on me now?

The ticks of the metronome believe they control the beat

The clicks of the pen don’t give a damn about what’s being written

The assassin just wants to relax and smoke his hash

The assassin just wants the end to be in his own hands

But in Berlin you have to view things a different way

You have to be ‘Historical’ and wait for the authorities to say

‘there are no bodies,

 there is no proof,

the only evidence is this empty feeling makes me think something has been moved.’


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