8889990 MPA (miles per ant)/ Insexicide

(not@my best but at UR behest)

Rapid mood cycling down hill

                      BEE_WEAR the bottom’s  up [ha ha-that’s a good one-oh wait! hang on! I don’t get it]

Straight vodka in a bent glass

              Chipped & teething

My baby’s got gums that are ready for bleeding

                         GL1t2H sounds like ur swearing thru a broken m1ke

Its gonna BEE_ alright becoz itz only mi lazeeEYE that’s weeping

Me wings frighten all the gurls

       Me hang on for dear life as I sitta top the spinning world

Whilst eating up the grass [swat the gnat]

          I can’t believe it’s not mine

        Damn- damn- damn I’m in the wrong field again

Eat the aether and bite down on k9rm9

          Swarm over lent

                Take the former as a blessing and the latter as something you’ll

                                                        Understand later


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