Search Results May Vary

Time is not a flat circle; it actually be a giddy rhombus

If Quantum physics is a new religion

Then start calling your local mechanic ‘Padre’

Life is a picnic on a minefield

Ignore the bombs and dish out the fruit salad

Freshly made with your quivering flesh in mind

Holding hands whilst stepping into the valley of death

Is better than a handshake at the start of a career you won’t like

I’d rather play a guitar solo, than be in your rock band

I’d rather take a ride on a paper plane, than hang around with your fans

I’d tell you everything’s what you make of it, but that’d be unfair as I’m dead inside

I’m just hanging around in this gangly meat locker

Until my people decide to come and pick me up

When I don’t smell so fresh any longer it’s time to turn over a new leaf

Ride the crest of a wave and other old chestnuts and clichés

Time is not a flat circle; it is a disease-ridden fact

If religion becomes any-more scientific

The Pope will have to ask for a revised job contract


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