Sound Reflecting off a Mouse’s Tail: (((Only Amateurs Leave the [mic] On)))  

Bedrooms as long as a car ride w/Millie (a model of sorts) : Airing bed sheets as a dirty flag to the driver downstairs

Maid’s clean the bathroom —

that’s as far as this stereotype wants to breathe

Squeak —

they can be heard (moving) around the studio

Inconvenient reverb makes a fool out of the best of us

[where were you last night, with your PJ’s packed and an empty hip flask?]

                     [don’t tell me you were going to that midnight film festival]

Hell, my sore headed siblings saw it in the tabloids today —

editor’s notes dismissed out of hand

Talentless hacks= Paper thin journo is therefore paper thin (un)sure on what to say

Believe in Q&A, listen fucking listen, only amateurs leave the mic on after speaking so clearly and succinctly

Brow low, head high, counting the drones

Go toe to toe with a little of what y’know and I think that’ll drown out their reoccurring hangover

[The little one wants to get reacquainted with the trap: Only because it’s got nothing but cheese on its mind]


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