Fight Etiquette 1.5

 telesales, overseas, make a wish, heaving wheel

\\selling your soul for just one last setting sun//

moshpit oiled, oven ready, even handed , spend a penny

\\sealing the bargain on just one last coke deal//

a quick take down, a soft sponge bath, just rabid technicolour

\\a thirst so real and without boundaries//

the world @ your feet w/ shoelaces undone

\\streaming the last episode of a favourite TV series//

travelling with an ornate candle holder

\\negative test results mean it was society’s fault all along//

a preponderance for feeling eager, all my Christmases come @ once

\\positively the final exam before I’ve grown new downy hair//

a Wuzzle, a church mouse, a dying leper, a Care Bear


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