Her Hands Caught In the Till/ Forgive, I Know She Will

A typed confession through a pint glass warps into a worthwhile lesson Not for me just anyone who happens to be listening Today writing my bio deleted a passage of time and now I never learnt to swim Never made love to Ceely Rose in that deserted gym Erased a sketched hand from a drawing of the Pan God Now I’m owing my landlord two grand Talking to the big man in the sky Don’t want to know me just keeps asking for Barabas Light a candle for every birthday I’ve blown Have you really been dredging the canal? Do you really need to know where the bodies are? Have a king sized Dahmer hangover Trying to catch up on sleep in the back of the car Make up- Tears- Blood- Caked-On-Face I’ve made my own Turin Shroud upon your back seat The suspension on the bridge is keeping me awake Can’t believe when I jumped you grabbed my feet Hold on red Where is amber Gone at green Realise the note read as obscene Maybe I shouldn’t have blamed all of you Just the ones who wouldn’t join my dream

“She was only just 23

Even God don’t know what she meant to me

They all said she had the mind of a child

I saw a free spirit running in the wild

Guy, Guy, the other Guy

Had nothing on me

Dropping like flies in ointment


She pulled three Roses instead of weeds

And placed them on oh so cold stone

Now no love in those bones

Shackled & walking in circles

Cursed to live till 83

In a crazy box to the bitter end

I’m a graveyard rabbit now

I just wanted you know

This is where I’ll make my home

With you”


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