Panel, Caption, Word Balloon, GO!

With her art in her throat Aunt Peggy lit a grass fire

‘I can’t sit down in spandex for more than hour!’

She shrilled:

‘My cape gets stuck in revolving doors

My sidekick is going through the menopause’

With her very last punch lightning struck

And the domino mask was forever stuck

‘I am my own worst enemy

There is no long term nemesis for me

I only worry about not being free

Being caught up in this convoluted continuity

I’ve fought in a Secret War I can’t remember

Ironically in an Infinite Crisis that just finished last December

I really should be at home with Dostoevsky and Tolstoy

My two little cats I absolutely dote on

I’m too old for mythical battles between Grant and Alan

Neither of them lives in my friendly neighbourhood so therefore I can’t rely on them’

The whisper in the wind

The silver lining on the cloud

The larval state of the volcano

That’s what I’ll read in depth now

so thank you bruce, clark, diana

pete & mary jane

venkman, stanz

you got me through difficult early days

zippy you were such a pinhead, freddy and bros you were such freaks

we’d party hard in two dimensions and it’d last for weeks

goodbye jeykyll & hyde

shirly & john

mary reilly and mrs hudson looked after you

whilst you looked after me

now arkham’s gates are locked

and we’ve mentally flexed away one last crime

but what did we really learn

by Manhattan stopping time?

so with this last question that lingers over us all

where this begins is where it ends

with the answer screaming like munch

it was us, always us, who watched the watchmen

but don’t dismay

or take this to heart

don’t reply back

with trolling, snark or worse

because even though I’ve given up here

I still read on somewhere in the multiverse


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