S.C.A.R.  (Seriously Considering Actual Revenge)  

I wanna be grabbed

                       Like a squid in ink

Mesmerize me

                Surprise me

With your latest pornographic thoughts

                                Eroticise Your Demons

Exorcise All Reason

            I have gingham and tarpaulin and a mattress with fleas on

                                Moon under water sunshine;

                                                          drink it drink up fall down

Film a slither of talking heads; record a slice of wetting beds

                   On the last tour I lost my guitar

I bumped into a maniac@midnight and gained a new SCAR

                          I mumble when speaking in public

My gun has a trigger warning

                               Blood on my fontanel

What the fuck have I been born into?

                        My deposition is all of this:

Write down whowhatwhy&whenuwere and try to not take the piss


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