Object (ify/FYI)

balancing act/ sack the juggler/ stuck on you- (ping pong ball on straw) –systematically pull you through

systemically will put you down- (broke the camel w/ a table top) –run away/ hire a bride/ hiding an obvious fact*

* (In the Battle Between Authenticity and Sincerity I know Which Side I Sit on)


I can hear you

As if you are still here

Do you remember

What it was like to feel?

My hope is even though you’ve gone

You never let go of your earthly body

And as now you settle down

You have nothing left to fear ’

troll to troll: Don’t mean to be too controversial by trying something commercial want my voice to gain new heights but that might mean a fight with all those haters who say words like haters** I’m not a troll*** just had a weekend in nodnoL (hold a mirror here) but if you continue to take this ride I’ll show you I have nothing to hide and that my words are just of this century and will probably mean something different in years to come-

thank you for listening over and out……………………………………………..

[the words **haters &***trolls are interchangeable with words you find more comfortable, age appropriate or, if we are communicating in the future, more historically accurate])


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