Naked at Nap-time

For the love of the craft!

HP—the Houses of Parliament on Higher Purchase

more more more !!!bestial rage!!!

!shits slips settles & becomes honeyed by a handful of heckling henchmen!

oh! They are foreign

                           They are legion

They are my problem

                            They are yours

We don’t trap them

We let them go and they come scurrying back

To where they belong

I hate my body

It doesn’t glide

It doesn’t glance

It protrudes

It points itself out

And that is why I must hide

In a bus shelter where,


              Other Cooler Cthulhu-heads prevail

!This is getting ridiculous!

Writers avoiding writing

            Artists hiding in the back of a gallery

                          Actors behind the curtain

                                          And comedians with no jokes


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