King Cnut Doesn’t Know Much

If all art is masturbation then King Cnut is having sex with zombie ancestors on the road to Damascus

A bee crash3d thru the window and sacked th3m- all of th3m- even those who were working hard

Every birthday the swarm forgot to send the X-workers a present- they received nothing- absolutely nothing- not even a card

Push back the circle and remain in a pentagram; please remain you’re safer in this crystalized closure

A conversion as conversation

St Paul reaming non-believers

All I want to really know is can the doppelgangers in Don’t Look Know swim?

Fiction doesn’t mirror reality-

It warps it

It ties cheese wire around it

And cuts of the blood flow

                     — Chalk around the states

                   The USA has been murdered

                       Condolences are fake

                    And alibis are coming in

                     From Asia and Europe

                     “God damn we weren’t there we weren’t there

                      We swear/we speak truth/ we promise”–


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