With or Without Pizazz

We, the closest thing to demons alive

Forked tongues talkin’ jive

Take the bodies down town and lean ‘em against the station

Sever all possible connection with those are against our great nation

Ship them off, see them gone, send them back from where they are from

I don’t want to be part of the problem

I want to be part of the solution

I want to be on my tiptoes

peering over the crowd

when the Government is in dissolution

Rise of the White peril!!!

Indiana Jones swings from a noose!!!

Nazi gold are backhanders that

Pay for those who play hard and loose

With rules that do not bend but break

And shrapnel impales the electorates

Who spoil ballot papers and storm the gates

We all matter

We are all matter

We are all atoms

With a smattering of morals

We are just

It’s just that we must

Lay down a stink

And kick up a fuss

Rustle some jimmies

Pocket gimmie gimmies

Take to the street

Police with our feet

Vote with our hands

Cast with our hearts

Bring in the new beginnings

And take out the false starts


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