g//ud-bi 2 u  

feckless wolf-lover

child alive in Torment City

these are the players—who are also blithe saviours

I’m in luv w/th Julie

I’m in luv w/th Jim

I know I can save Julie

2 w/tch Jimmy try and swim

g//d- bi

gl//d it binds

when it wa7 nt

Sheer Proof

100 per cent

The taller I get

The less talent I show

I copy and paste their best

Onto my C.V. like so

The devil’s dandruff

Short back and sides

Slicked back

Clipped down with hair slides

I’m a danger to the others

I’m a danger to myself

You should lift me up so I’m all alone

Leaving me high upon the shelf

Smoking dynamite

The bodies sing

The Mind swings

HEY…Spider Baby Where Are You?

Have u a Crawlspace Big Enough For Two?

Here are the divorce papers

Sign on the dotted line and bury them

In an unmarked grave the size of my two yr old’s hand


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