He Said, She Said, They Said (And Yet…)

‘Ah,’ he said;

‘But is it good art?’

And she said: ‘Well, is it infectious?

Does it plague you even now?

Has it begun to go viral

In the deepest darkest depths of your mind?

Is your jaw agape?

Has it begun to swing?

And all you want to do is scream about the work

Stomp, holler, sing?

And yet…

Even though in the heart of it all

All you want to do is whip up a media storm?

You know that to tell another living soul what you’ve seen

Would it be an unforgivable sin?

‘Yes,’ he admitted,’ I agree, I concur

I can never speak its name to anyone.’

‘Well then,’ she smiled,

‘It has done what it was birthed to do

Now let us go and if asked

Lie together and say

“That we were never here.”’


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