Wedlock As/ Is Deadlock (On the Picket Line)

As an Eternalite—suicide is playful, not morbid or direct—

My autobiography will be all fumbles and eyelashes and varnished fingernails

                                I stretch out

‘I murdered a genius; I am not proud yet I still have my pride’

              ‘I am not aware of how I seem; and yet

She does not like this new house but she will make sure the children live’

Crow black grey

Grow back my hair

           Charcoal liquorice & cheap hot metal press headlines

          All blood tits and A, innards, Lynyrd Skynyrd and a dance around the jukebox

                   Wearing a T-Shirt in monkey world

               I have had invitations to read from all around the world

          But they want me to perform in my living room

   I have to tell them I don’t live there

And according to my pulse, never did


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