Harsh Surroundings/RE: Dact

       I have to hand it to you— you know your stuff

                                Palmistry as oxygen

        You read my love-line and it stops short

                    For a paper cut— you gave me

I’m all thumbs and no fingers—can’t open my bra

      In twilight you arrive — a night nurse from afar

          No patient trust—so you leave the front door ajar

Your flies are open—you are my support system tonight

   Jacked up to eleven—Halloween’s only scary if the masks are off

I lean on you—you bend and don’t snap back at me

But now you are pins & needles—needing help into the taxi at daybreak

    Forgive me but ‘Faith & Hope are on Terror Alert Amber’

         So that’s the only help I can offer in return for yours

                   If I was drunker maybe I’d have given you my bed

                         And I’d have crashed in the room I believe is spare

                                  But Hey what do I know about this old house

                                              And it’s even older pangs & pains?


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