My Pain is Private

My pain is private

It stands to attention

In a hope to be promoted

Even though it has yet to earn its stripes


My pain is private

It does not work well with others

(As I do not work well alone)

And even though it despises its own company

It refuses to leave the family home


My pain is private

Regular as clockwork

Even though the cogs are clogged

And the tickings and tockings

Have decided to stop


My pain is private

It is hurried and indecisive

Heating me up to try and stop me cold

Creating a bloody skirmish

So my manic mind slows me down


My pain is private

And yet we have spoken too much about it

Feeding its insatiable ego and uncontrollable appetite

Greed is good others would have you believe

Yes, as helpful as a blind sailor setting out to cross the sea


Well… my pain maybe private

But, please, do not let that stop you talking about the way you feel

As in my mind, you’ll always be more important than me



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