An English Gothic Heart Beating For None, Counting To None


let them in!  let them in!

no need to float and scratch

the window’s been left upon the latch

a wide door is open to them  all

yet they struggle to walk upon the salted floor

we break garlic bread with them in public places

and yet they dare to gag on it in our faces

have they an allergy

to our well-meaning charity?

have they no understanding

of the disparity they create

between what we give and how they take?

let them in? let them in?

but they’ll devour the sacred lamb

and they’ll wake us up from our fever dream

of the utopia based on the man in the street’s needs

oh, of our man you ask?

he is tall, good looking,

straight talking, straight walking,

straight living, and of course

white, and right, always right,

yes- he always comes from the good old right,

and even though we scorn violence in foreign places

our might is moral, virtuous, and true

and comes from a patriotic morality

we’ve honed through centuries in the fight

against death, war, disease and famine

and now these creatures of an alien skin

want to bring the four horsemen right in

to our lands, hidden under the blanket of night

cross my heart and hope they die

or at least that they don’t cross the finish line

for if the sea doesn’t drown these witches

then to our villages they are bound

send them out!  send them out!

our goodwill dried all up

the day before we let them in

and now they’re here

their intentions are not so clear

as they seem not to be the bloodsuckers

that we all feared

no fangs

no talons

no coffins to lie in

just no safe home and no hope

and now true fear settles in

as we begin to realise something

we just didn’t see coming

that even though they have not

faces that fit in

whether we like it or not:

just like us

when they are believed in

their hearts beat to a calming rhythm

but when the future is unknown

their pulses  begin to quicken

and when hunters with swords in hand

gang together to hunt them down

they close rank and cover their families

in a cloak of protection

and look for a safer place to live in

well, wouldn’t you, dear Professor?

wouldn’t you demand better?

wouldn’t you, well, wouldn’t you?

all your education and you know nothing

it doesn’t take a degree to understand pain and suffering

call it empathy or sympathy or common sense

or just being a god damn human in a society

where we pride ourselves on our humanity

but you didn’t think they were human did you?

you thought they were animals, monsters, vampires

I think you’ve started to believe in your own fictional history’s lies

because from myths and legends your politics have been derived

so close your books and switch the TV  off

and look out the window and begin to experience what I say

of those who’ve travelled from miles away

who need your help not your hate

who need your embrace not fists raised

who need your warmth not icy stares

who need all your heart not a stake in theirs


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