THE FIRST REVERSAL: Blinking On and Off (for the young and old alike)


                                 ‘With a bandwidth too phat

                              contradictory values

                          are sunk

                     into an acid vat

     where violent peace desists

and UHF finds a place to dress itself’

             State your intentions

                   wear your fedora low

                         (at a rakish angle, like the gentlefolk of old)

                            and sling the gun holsters

                                 all the way down to

                                    your jim jimmy jones

      And remember, the friend of my frenemy

       is my cousin’s lover’s brother

       & if u are the lawman of the ‘net

           this haunted machine is ur

             Wild Wild West

               where the viruses go viral &

                  *10001* + 20002= (equals)

                        Well under ‘5ive’


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