Missing Zee Whilst Missing the Point


too young to be moved, so I swayed when touched

rocked a shag pile of hair, suppose I wasn’t up to much

piercing bleeding, boots scuffed

she was vocal about the vitality of love

in a cabin made from spit & polish & dirt

(I enjoyed the dirt)

what I didn’t see is Zee also took to me too

whilst I stood in the dunce’s corner with a turn of the back

I argued left is right and up is down

and she smiled and eventually just agreed  that I was right

she was vocal about speaking out as I filled my ears

with decibels designed to keep out white noise

I missed the point then as much as I’m missing her now

but I still listen at the two by four

for the music will start up again

(at the very least) I owe Zee that

the same fair play now as I did back then




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