MENSA TEST 2__An Old Perspective From a Different Angle

The Angular City’s coat of arms is that of an impassioned mouse trapped in a dead snake’s charms

It is no coincidence that Sartre is Satire merely misspelt, for a philosopher is a comedian who is merely using their older jokes reasonably well

The flotsam and jetsam of a ne’r do weller’s output will be occulturally appropriated and used as a homeopathic crown for the next democratically voted ‘global village idiot’

So, I wish you a good evening and I bid you well. But we are both adults here and know the folly of best laid plans, as we prepare to reacquaint at the Dilapidated Gates of Hell. So I’ll see you there and if I don’t, then something’s gone unexpectedly well for me, something I really didn’t see coming but is probably bloody obvious to just about everyone else

now…’s just ‘ONE BIG HOT MESS’

REPLY from the trenches:

(I Know All About It But Have No Knowledge Of It)

       You must be self sufficient

             You will be alone, very alone

                 When the tide turns it will envelop you

        Pieces will be missing from a shattered sky

  A cold wind will come from the east

And blow over your house of straw

  Kicking and screaming into all of this

     Noisier and more belligerent on the way out

        There will be decks held close and hands played blind

No heroes to save you from labyrinthine plots of the complacent

And the villainous mastermind behind it all will be you



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