Born Ready

if ghosts are stains on the retina, then vampires are cool cartoon cats who demand respect but get nothing but laughs from the underhand self-appointed authorities

the Doc’s main feature is that his newly minted creature is infinitely more interesting when asleep than he could ever be when centre of attention at a dinner party of any definite delineation

Born Ready, Ready for Your Close Up

I’m William Pound or Dollar Bill or jus’ plain ol’ sign o’the times

success you fail me, luck you framed me

          cut off flesh in an inescapable abattoir

 a media circus with crippled clowns and legless mules

         you are a hunch upon ma’back

a paunch so I cannot lean forward

        shattered crystal clear crystal growth

Am I real?/ Am I fake?

If I shine?/ Do u shine?

Is this how life works?

Do we have to enjoy the irony of the abstract

to be fully in the present moment?

Were the vain ones really riding high

beside that rhinestone cowboy

who drew ointment from their own  shire?

Looking back did we have the foresight

to look forward to the hindsight that we’ll gain

from the harmony only found on a battleground ?

And other kinds of political blood shed

                                       in a similar vein?

Gill kissed a girl and that made me cry

                 Yet it only made her seem to smile

                                        for the very first time

                                         & I even now I

Put the shoes not upon the box—but within its thin, four walls

                   (For) Shoe-shining is an outdated concept

So tie those liquorice laces together and watch the privileged fall

                       As they are nothing but inebriated sailors

                             who look better upon the sea floor

                       than dancing naked in a bathroom stall

             with guys and gals who were taken for A RIDE

(yes! THE RIDE—the biggest ride of them all)


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