Anything that Puts Me In The Spotlight Is Negative

Sack the juggler

              She spilled on the floor tweets for all to see

No reason for reason                                well, within reason

                   Make sure tonight she won’t get any sleep

            I—me—you—they weren’t there

                        But guess what, chuck?

            Guesstimates are invisible tracking devices

                                 So we all get to view the vids

Righting rights

Wronging wrongs

Haunting ghosts

Bullying bullies

Pulling down the trousers of the naked and the nude

Hard drugs and harder floors

Tripping over acid

Hard ons go flaccid

As soon as your posts are floating in the Fish Bowl

You drown on the blood that chokes you A.B. (After Bile)

Learnt to read from Law and Order

Curving round corners

Cutting out getting to know you

Little Jack Horner’s

Getting 222 likes on pulling his thumb out of a lie

She maybe a crone/she may deserve to be alone/ a hard-faced bitch/spells like a witch/ but she only made it to the foyer before she started to cry

Newsflash: this just in—Judas says “Don’t worry people have short attention spans; they’ll be crucifying someone else next week.”


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