Get What You Got                           

Out on the outside—

If you wanna keep it, give it away

If you’re in it to remain, better not stay

Moving over leather covered aisles

Swinging between concrete trees

& like James Brown PCP-ing


“I Feel Good”

When the questions are asked

And the answers come a tumblin’

In on the Inside—

D-& D-ing

Dungeons & Dragons

Drunk & Dialling

Which is more of a fantasy?

Sainthood & Killing King Snake

With a hand held spike

Or the future she promised me

on the phone last night?

They. Them. The other—

No lead in the petrol

No lead in the pencil

Car’s in the garage

Notepad unopened

They’re not necessarily Satanists

‘cause the cross is upside

Y’know… I s’pose…

Maybe they’re jus’ no good at DIY-ing

decadence is not what I see for us

jus’ injections of ink from dirty quills

while we write verse with our blood on the walls

and wait for the floating feeling to kick in

referee’s blown the whistle

teams are going back home

a flash of red

the comfort of blue

the tenderness of a drum solo

disturbing me as I click the button

to turn the television off

 because early this week-

–Saturday morning I think—

I forgot to pay the licence off


Cashing in tokens of affection. Daylight food-bank robberies.

Fear as control.

Bigotry and Prejudice on a roll call

Standing to attention and being counted on

They don’t want ‘no black’ in a flag they don’t understand

Just a grey as far as blinkered eyes can strain

Turning everything into some kinda Lynchian nightmare masterpiece

That even the Black Goat wouldn’t except in shame



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